You spend hours, maybe even days slaving away over a piece of writing. You edit, re-write, then edit again, finally producing a piece you are proud to display. You publish the piece and sit back to revel in the glory…. but no one sees your spectacular post, no one reads it, there are no re-tweets, no comments, and no one is sharing it on Facebook. You site stats resemble a ghost town, and you are obsessively checking them every hour.

Rejection of any kind can drive a writer mad, seeing a piece that you spent ample time constructing get lost in cyber space among the constant clutter of other blogs is frustrating enough to cause a writer of any level to throw in the towel, but don’t give up yet… There are some simple tips and tricks to getting your writing the attention it deserves;

Boost Your Blog Stats With These Simple Tips....


Provide Information Clearly and Quickly

It is a simple fact that readers are looking for information, and with people’s lives as busy as they are these days, they want it fast!

We have all ‘info scanned‘, you type a phrase into Google and begin scanning the available information. Maybe you click on a page or two, and begin to read the post, scanning for the answer you are seeking….

The fact is, that if the information your reader is looking for is not easily seen, they will move on to the next item on the list.

To help your reader easily find what they came in search of ensure that your posts are not to in-depth. If you want to produce a complex piece consider breaking it down into smaller points to cover over various posts. A reader is more likely to return for more later, than to sit down and read for a solid hour at a time. This method also provides you with easy inspiration for future posts.

Use bullets to break up your facts; because readers scan pages, using bullets will break up your writing and make it more appealing to the reader who is scanning for information. Bold headlines, numbering, and lists are also great ways to attract the eye to the information they provide. People prefer a ‘quick read’ it is best to accept this and use it to your advantage, rather than try to fight it with information overload.

Revert back to ‘essay’ mode. Back in English class we were all taught to state our point at the beginning of our piece and write our following sentences in support of our outcome. By following this basic method on your blog, or in any form of writing, you allow the reader to quickly decide if they want to engage deeper into your piece. Stating your conclusion first and breaking your writing into supporting pieces will allow the reader to scan from point to point quickly, and help them easily obtain what they came to find, it is at this point that they will decide to backtrack and read your piece in its entirety. You can not write with the expectation that your reader will engage in each and every detail the first time around, you must write with the ‘busy mind‘ in focus and ensure that all the information can be easily gathered in a short period of time.

Another way to break-up your writing and make it more appealing to the ‘info scanner’s’ eye is to use page breaks. Keeping your paragraphs to one point each and adding plenty of space between each idea is a simple way to help your reader ‘scan‘ your thoughts more easily. Keep your paragraphs short and to the point allowing the readers eyes to flow effortlessly from point to point.

Appeal to the eye with images. Using images is an obvious way of attracting readers to your content, people are drawn to images, and often look for them to tell the story. You need only look at the most popular gossip magazines to see that sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. Adding caption to your images will also help generate an audience,your readers will be enticed to read further in order to get the ‘whole story’.

Attracting people to your posts in the first place is one of the biggest challenges that writers face. By using relevant ‘tags’ for your posts you will attract the right readers more easily through search engines. Be sure that you use tags that are relevant to your topic and that you use as many as you can think of, ‘the more the merrier’ when it comes to tags, as you want your post to show up in as many searches as possible.

Once you have the readers on your site your mission is to keep them there, one of the best ways to do this is by using relevant links in your writing. Linking back to your own relevant content from past posts will keep your readers on your site, and help them gather more information. Linking to past posts is an easy way to generate traffic and show your versatility, but be sure that you are only linking posts that are relevant to your current subject, though linking to a post about pigs in a post about politics may be humorous, someone reading about politics probably has no interest in ‘the basics of pig farming’.

The most basic strategy for getting your writing the attention it deserves is by being bold. Using bold text to highlight information pulls the reader’s eye to the point you want to highlight. It is a ‘tried and true’ method that is easily accomplished without much effort.

Lastly you must remember to edit your writing with an open mind. Once you have written your piece read over it with an open mind; Are you highlighting the most important information? Is it easily gathered for the ‘info scanners’ of the world? Are your readers able to quickly get the basics of your piece without having to deal with the details right off the hop? If you can not decide for yourself than have a friend read over your content and decide how informative it is, and how quickly you are providing information. Remember that most readers don’t have much time, you want to make your point clear and provide your information quickly if you want your readers to feel compelled to read deeper, always remember the ‘busy mind’ and you will attract the audience your writing deserves.