About the “About Me”


Being a blogger can be a very rewarding endeavor. Whether your blog is personal, business focused, or aimed toward a certain theme, there is one thing that all will share, (and one thing that many bloggers dread writing) the ‘About Mepage.

Every blog, no matter the focus, requires a small spot for the readers to get to know the writers, product, or business behind the blog. The ‘about me’ page does just that. Whether you are writing to promote your business, your writing, or yourself, your “about me” page is a valuable tool for connecting with your readers. Writing this page can be the most difficult part of being a blogger and should share important information, without sharing too much.

There are a few things to keep in mind when writing your “About” page.

Your ‘about’ page should answer the following basic questions:

  • Who you are,
  • What you do,
  • What you write about,
  • How to contact you.

If you are writing a personal blog it would be a good idea to add a bit of your history to this section. Include things such as, who you are, if you have children, if your married, where you work (or what you do) and what prompted you to start writing about your life. Fill in the blanks regarding anything that you may write about. Readers may be shocked to discover you have two children and 14 dogs, if this information is not on your ‘about’ page and they suddenly appear in a post.

Your ‘about’ page should set the tone of your entire blog. Do not write a humorous ‘about’ page for a serious blog, and vice-versa. Stick to the same tone you intend to use throughout your writing so readers know what to expect from your site.

Bold headlines, and bullets are a great way to share a large amount of information without overwhelming your readers. This is especially useful for company blogs that may have a ton of important information to share. By chopping big chunks of information in to smaller, easier to read lists you encourage your readers to learn about you, your site or your company. Internet readers often don’t have the time to read entire novels online, so ensure you are sharing the most important information at the beginning of your post, and finding ways to make it easy to read.

Adding your contact information to your ‘about’ page makes it easy for readers to get in contact with you. Set up a new email specifically for your site if you are not comfortable positing your personal email online. Company blogs should provide contact information for various departments, and another for general inquiries. If a reader has a question they do not want to have to search your site to find your contact information. It should be accessible and easy to locate.

Most of all, be yourself. This is especially important if you are writing a personal blog. Readers will go to your ‘about’ page as a way to get to know ‘you‘ and learn more about why you write. Being yourself is important if you hope to truly connect with your readers.

Though it is personal preference what level of information you choose to share, any expertise you have on the topic you are writing about should be shared with your readers to help build trust in your content. Play around with your ‘about’ page, and have fun. Remember it is a look at you, your site or your business, so let your true colors shine.

Why is an ‘About’ page important:

There are a number of reasons to place an ‘about’ page on your site if you haven’t already.

An ‘about’ page helps you to build your name in the writing world, it gives readers a look behind the scenes and helps them form a personal relationship with the writer of the content they love to read.

An ‘about’ page also has the ability to take readers deeper into your site or any others you may write for. Links in your ‘about’ section can take readers to posts that they may not have discovered on their own, or to another site that may be of interest to them. A good ‘about’ page will encourage readers to explore your site, your writing, and you, on a deeper level.

About pages are one of the most view pages on any blog, this shows that readers want to know a bit more about ‘who‘ is writing the content they are reading and should be motivation enough to get you started on yours.

Do you have any tips on writing an “About Me” page?
Did you find it difficult to write your own?
Feel free to share your thoughts and advice in the comments section below.

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10 Straight Forward Tips to Enhance Your Blogging Experience…


I have not been posting on here as much as I would like to lately, with the warmer weather finally here I have found myself caught up in the excitement of outdoor life. I was sitting in the sun today thinking about this blog and how much I have enjoyed creating it. One of my favorite things about Perfectly Prompted is that through my posts I not only get to help others learn, but I get to learn myself. I used to dream of being a teacher, but the thought of 20 – 30 poorly behaved children in my care and under my supervision quickly caused that dream to dwindle away… Still this site brings me that same ‘teaching’ pleasure, without the screaming kids… Plus I am learning so much as well, so that is a total bonus to me. 

For me blogging is like a never-ending education. Each and every day I get to learn and grow in my writing, and I get to share those lessons with so many people. I constantly say that the greatest thing about blogging is the ability to perpetually change and grow as required. Unlike writing a book, an article, or any other written form, your blog can cover a wide array of topics and does not have to conform to one single topic (unless you so choose) I have never been good at sticking to one thing and so this works out wonderfully for me. I love the lessons that blogging has taught me and the variety that it provides. I also love that every post, (my own and those that I regularly read from other bloggers) gives me insight into how I can improve my site.

And so… Without further ado I would like to share with you…

10 Straight Forward Tips to Enhance Your Blogging Experience:

  • Links – Links are like a well-known critic writing a good review. Not only is it an amazing feeling when you discover that someone has linked to your site from theirs, but it is a great form of flattery to return the favor from your own site. In the blogging world there is nothing wrong with sharing another person’s content or expanding on someone’s else’s idea with your own, but you must remember to give credit where it is due. If you gain an idea from another writers site, even simply to expand on it or share a thought, be respectful and link back to where the idea came from. The writer will thank-you, and usually the flattery is in some way returned.
  • Comments – If you want to be an active blogger you must ensure that you are creating a site that is reader friendly. Word of mouth is the greatest advertising tool a blogger (or business) can use. Comments allow your readers to get involved with your writing, and open the door for discussions that may generate future ideas. To ensure commenting write about your subjects with an open-ended feel, and be sure to reply personally to every comment you receive. Encourage your readers to get involved by constantly providing and outlet for their opinions.
  • Edit – Before you hit the ‘publish’ button be sure to edit your material. Even if you have created a personal blog, your readers expect some level of professionalism in your writing. Re-read what you have written (aloud if you must), spell-check and correct any written errors, re-word where necessary, and have another person read it over if you can to ensure quality material. If all else fails the best way to edit a piece is to simply ‘wait’ before posting, a few hours, or even a few minutes later your mind may notice things that it could not see before.
  • Routine – One of the most common pieces of advice that bloggers receive is to post daily, while you may not be able to keep up with such constraints it is important that you are frequent with your writing. Blogs are known for their consistent information, keeping your blog up-to-date is an important part of gaining success and followers. Readers will check back often when they know there will be new material, ensure that they have something to read by posting as often as you can. Work your blog into your schedule just as you would appointments or work.
  • Attention – The look of your blog can make or break readership. Although it is sad to say, the quality of your writing will mean nothing if the image it presents in the first 10 seconds is poor. Grab attention with an easy to use layout and bold graphics. Writing that is clear and easily read will help draw attention to the actual content of your writing, rather than the distracting look of a site that is poorly prepared. Take your time and create your blog as if it is a work of art. Most blog sites have excellent templates available that are simple to use, even for the beginners.
  • Headlines – Having a good title is an asset to any site. Be sure that your headlines are creating curiosity and inviting readers to know more. You want to be bold and attentive, your headline should grab attention and hint on the topic without giving all of the information away. Check out local and big city newspapers for ideas, the headlines they write are created to generate sales and spark interest in certain ideas.
  • Keywords – Using keywords in your posts allows search engines to pick-up and promote your content more easily. Do a simple search for the most popular keywords on Google and incorporate them into your post, or look up keyword writing and generate ideas of your own (I will be posting about using keywords in your blog in the near future so check back soon for simple tricks and advice) Be sure that you don’t go overboard on the keywords though, simply choose a few that work for you and utilize them as best you can.
  • Pay Attention – Just as the most popular keywords are an important part of your writing, so are the most talked about topics at the moment. Be sure you are paying attention to the hot topics in the world around you and trying to find ways to incorporate them into your site. If the world is talking about war and you have a blog about marketing try coming up with a creative post about the effects of war on the marketing industry, or how the army recruits… etc.. the possibilities are as endless as your mind allows them to be. Twitter, Facebook, and Google are great ways to discover what it is that people are talking about, you just need to pay attention.
  • Readability – Keep in mind that your readers will probably come from many different walks of life. Just because your blogging about health does not mean that only doctors are going to visit your site (if it is an open site, which is my assumption for this post) ensure that you are creating posts that are easy for everyone to read. Use clear concise language that is easy to follow and simple to understand. This is especially important if you are blogging about a wide variety of topics, or a topic that may appeal to a great deal of people in the general public. If you hope to succeed and gain a following you need to ensure that all your readers can understand your words. Also, keep in mind that the internet is accessible throughout the world, never assume that you know your readers, ensure that your posts are understandable to those who may be reading from overseas. Keep the thought in mind that you are “writing for the world” if you hope to become successful.
  • Evolve – In order to keep things fresh and exciting always be willing to grow and change. Constantly seek out new ideas, try new techniques, and learn new things. Change the pace and create new avenues for your writing. The best thing a blogger can do is endlessly learn and grow. The sky is the limit when it comes to blogs and only your creativity will take you as high as you can go.

If you wish to be successful, or even if you just want to write, these simple tips will help you attract and keep more readers on your site. Be sure to have fun with your writing, and don’t be afraid to break the rules. There is no right or wrong in the blogging world, only different outlooks and interesting ideas.


Until Next Time…

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Argue and Add Depth to your Writing


The argumentative essay is a favorite among college professors as it shows a writers knowledge and adds drama to the topic. Perhaps you remember these assignments from your school days, the controversial topics that grabbed the reader’s attention and demanded that you back up your opinion with factual information. These exercises in school may have prepared you for a life of successful writing without you even knowing it….

Adding the element of argument to your blog can be a great way to create drama and get people talking about your writing. By no means do you need to be overly argumentative, or angry to gain attention, you simply need to be able to share your opinion on an otherwise touchy subject openly, while providing evidence to back up your point of view.

Take for instance the widely talked about topic of the death penalty, for decades people have gained attention from both stand points of this hot topic. Writing and Producing persuasive arguments that support their personal point-of-view. Blogs that have written about such topics tend to get a fair amount of attention, especially when they are well written and provide persuasive reasoning to support their claim. The same goes for other controversial topics, such as; abortion, rape, justice, and child abuse. Choosing a topic that gets a readers blood boiling is a sure-fire way to a) get your writing read by many, and b) generate discussion on your site.

Now not everyone can handle this type of writing, and it is not for the faint at heart. If you are not naturally argumentative in the first place, I would suggest you aim to keep your writing more to the persuasive side, than the argumentative one, as a good argumentative essay or blog post will generate feedback. Much of this feedback will come from readers who strongly disagree with the point you are making, and many times this feedback ends up rather harsh in nature. Keep this in mind as you write, and don’t take any comments personally… Remember ‘everyone’ is entitled to their opinion.

At the end of this post is a short list of controversial topics that you may consider writing about. Choose one that arouses your passion and write a short 250 – 500 word post supporting your view. You can make this longer if you like, but the key here is to share your opinion, and provide reasoning for that opinion. It also helps if you write with the intent to persuade others to feel as you do.

This type of writing may be difficult for you, and it definitely requires that you think “outside the box”, but give it a try even just for the change of pace, and see where it leads you. Remember there is no right or wrong when it comes to your opinion.

Here are a few tips to get you started, followed by a list of hot topics to choose from. 

Tips for Argumentative Writing:

  • Pre-plan – Because this type of writing requires factual information and a certain level of organization of ideas it is important that you spend a bit of time outlining exactly what you want to say. Highlight the most important points and build on them.
  • Choose a good topic – When deciding on a topic you need to consider a number of things; you want a topic that has two points of view, you want a topic that makes your blood boil and arouses your passion, you want a topic that has enough information available to be supportive to your argument, and you want a topic that others will care to read about. Having knowledge on the topic is helpful, but with today’s technology research is a fairly easy part of writing.
  • Take your stand – After considering both sides you need to take a stand and choose which side you support. At that point your must begin to explain and decide “why” you have chosen the position you have on this issue and gather evidence that will support you as well. The more facts you have to back up your view the more likely that others will agree with you. Imagine that you are selling a product and that each sale is going to produce huge commission… You need to ‘prove’ your point to get the sale!
  • Start Writing – Once you are ready to write aim to do the following: Introduce your topic and your position. (Remember those thesis statements that you spent hours perfecting in school…) Present both sides of the subject. Though you may only support one, it is important that your readers understand there are two very different points-of-view on this topic, at this point you will start to defend yours by selecting the strongest evidence one point at a time. Once you have completed your points sum them up with a powerful closing statement. Simple. Your Done. By this time your reader should be convinced that you are correct and your point-of-view is the positive one.
  • Remember these tips – Avoid emotional language. Unless you are aiming for a personal opinion point-of-view, stick to the ‘facts’ as much as possible. Don’t make things up. All evidence you present should be factual and you should be able to back it up with proof. Take note of where you gathered your research so that you can support your facts should you need to. Be prepared to defend your point. If you are not ready to defend yourself and your view, refrain from writing your piece. This is another reason you should choose a topic you are passionate about, people are going to argue with you, you will need to be able to back-up your opinion.

Despite the serious nature of this type of writing, have fun with it and enjoy what you write. Allow yourself to relish in the passion that your topic arouses in you. It is a rare occasion that a writer gets to share such a deep part of themselves with others. Allow it to teach you, and help you grow.

Here is a list of some great argumentative topics you may wish to write about. As I said before, even if this type of writing is not in your nature give it a try, even just for the ‘change of pace’. Have sun with it and make it your own in any way you like. Be honest, and creative. Take a stand and share your ideas… There is no right or wrong!

Hot Topics to Write About:

  • Is the death penalty effective?
  • Is our election process a fair one?
  • Is torture or murder ever acceptable?
  • Should parents be open about sex and drugs with their teens?
  • Is cheating in a relationship ever understandable? Can it be forgiven?
  • Are we too dependent on technology?
  • Should smoking be banned from all public places? Should it be banned from homes where there are children?
  • Should children be micro-chipped at birth if the parents choose to do so?
  • Is child behavior better or worse than it was years ago?
  • Should schools provide teens with free access to condoms?
  • Are actors and professional athletes paid too much?
  • Do violent video games cause violence in children?
  • Should child pageants be banned?
  • Does age matter in relationships?
  • Should gay couples be allowed to marry?
  • Is war ever the answer?

I hope that many of you will choose one of the above topics (or choose one of your own) and give this prompt a try. I will be posting my response to this post in the next few days as well so stay tuned. This type of writing has always been a passion of mine as it allows me to share parts of myself and my mind that would otherwise not be seen, or read.

Once again have fun, and don’t take this too seriously. Feel free to post a link to your results (on the actual writing) in the comments for others to see.

***If you wish to remain anonymous you can also email your responses to:
perfectlyprompted@live.ca ***

Until Next Time…

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Social Media for Success – How Facebook Can Help Your Writing.


This is a Social Media Society, Facebook and Twitter head up the News front and help to connect millions of people across the world who would otherwise have never met.

To be a successful writer you need an audience for your writing. Traditional marketing platforms are giving way to a world of online tools that, utilized properly, can increase your readership considerably in a very short period time with little to no effort on your part.

Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Delicious are some of the many site that have been created to bring people together, share ideas, and promote products or websites. Learning to use these tools to help promote your writing is one of the greatest lesson you can learn, and it can make your strive for success a whole lot simpler.

Social Media for Success:

Facebook Pages vs Profiles:

More people log on to Facebook each morning than check their emails. If you want to be seen as an expert in your field, than you need to create a Facebook Page for your blog, or business. There is not much difference between the two, they share the same options, layout and audience, but a ‘Page‘ is a more professional option to the usual Facebook profile, and should be geared specifically for your business, blog, or writing.

Using Your Facebook ‘Page’ – It is a good idea to post something to your Facebook Page every single day, just as you would your blog. You can easily arrange for your blog posts to be delivered to your Facebook site to allow fans easy access to your writing. Most blog sites now allow this option automatically through their sites with nothing more than a simple click and conformation. There are also many sites online that will do this for you hassle-free, such as dlvr.it

A Facebook Page allows your fans to connect, get updated on your latest endeavors, and easily access information about your business. Keep the content up-to-date and professional. It is also a good idea to have links to this page available around the web to help gather more readers. Posting questions, ideas, or polls on you Facebook page is another great way to get your fans talking, your page will come with a discussion area where readers can share their thoughts and comments on your business or blog. Photo’s, links and other information should be shared here regularly to keep interests up and readers notified.

Twitter for Instant Attention:

Twitter is a great tool for getting your posts or writing instant attention. This easy to use Social Media Outlet is the number one source for news, often broadcasting headlines before they even break out in print or television. Twitter is simple to use and can easily get you attention with little effort on your part. If you have a blog, or business that you want to get noticed sign-up for a Twitter account and get Tweeting. You will send your message out in 140 characters or less and link back to your site, by gathering followers, and following others your content can easily reach millions within moments of being typed. It is important to remember that because Twitter is such a popular site for news, your posts will not stay in the top rankings for long, so you must use this site consistently if you hope to gain the attention you deserve. Once again it is a good idea to set up your posts so they are sent to Twitter automatically each time you update your site.

Utilizing Social Media for Success and Inspiration:

Twitter and Facebook are the number one sites for social media, but there are thousands more, we will focus on these two for the duration if this post, just to make things easier as these tips apply to any social media site out there and can be utilized globally.

Twitter and Facebook are not only great sites for staying connected with family and friends, or growing your blog or business, they are also a wonderful source of inspiration for the creativity seeking writer. These sites are built around discussion, communication and hot topics. The simple act of staying up-to-date on what is being talked about online is a great way to decide what you should be writing. Twitter makes this easy with their list of top trends, Facebook requires a little deeper research but is still a great source for desired inspiration. Pay attention to what your friends, family, and fans are talking about, what questions they are asking, and what information they are searching for… If you can put the pieces of their puzzles together in a post you will gather fans quickly and find yourself with a large following.

Social Bookmarking websites such as Delicious and StumbleUpon are a great way to see what is popular at the moment and provide you with inspiration on what to write as well.

The key is to utilize every possible tool you can as a writer, get connected and gather readers from every possible avenue. With a little time, and effort you will find yourself on top of the trends and drowning in fans. Use these site frequently to share your updates with followers and gather more along the way…. Whoever told you Facebook was a waste of time never saw the power in Social Media and success.

Until Next Time…

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Tips to Help You Succeed in a Blog Bogged World.


Those of you who spend time and effort blogging know that the life and work of a blogger is much more complex than it seems. There are still people who hold the idea that a ‘blogger’ is only doing what they do for fun, that they are not actually working, and that their ‘little blog’ is nothing more than a hobby and not an actual source of income.Though this holds true for some bloggers out there in the writing world, the truth is; blogging can be one of the most difficult forms of writing. With endless competition, no set rules to the game, and the need to constantly evolve in order to gain and maintain an audience, blogging is a challenge of the writers mind and soul, as well as their talent for writing and creating new ideas.

There are many different reasons that people start blogs, they may wish to increase sales if they own a business, they may want to connect with family, friends and co-workers, perhaps they want to share their experience as a parent or teacher, or maybe it is part of  their mission for personal growth… The reasons are endless, as are the results. There are millions of blogs available today on thousands of different subjects, all started by people who wish to share something with the world, be it experience, opinion or information. The web is chalked full of blogs on every available subject, by simply typing the word ‘blog‘ in to Google you can quickly see the true extent of trend that has formed in this now blog bogged world.

With no set rules, and thousands of other bloggers in competition, (though I use the word competition loosely; bloggers are the most caring and supportive network of writers I have ever seen, and they seem to cheer on each others success whole-heartedly) a writer who hopes to break into this creative form must be at the top of their game, and must be willing to work hard for little pay. (though I will say, the support and recognition you receive from your readers is almost guaranteed to make it all worthwhile.) Still, it is a tough form that requires endless creativity, a passion for writing, and a strong desire to succeed… If you truly want to break into the world of blogging then below are a few tips that will help you aim for success as a blogger.

Tips for Successful Blogging:

  • Read – The best piece of advice that anyone who hopes to start a blog can receive is to read, read, and read some more. The more blogs you look at, the more you will learn. So before you even put words on the template be sure to search out various other blogs and study the factors that make them great. Being an avid blog reader will help you to better understand what it is readers want, how they like information presented, and what they don’t like as well. Be sure you are reading as many different types of blogs as possible, as well as ones that share similarities to the type you hope to write. Be sure to take notes of what it is that appeals to you and the other current readers. You can learn a lot about what the readers want by reading the comments posted on the blogs you come across. It is important that you are studying, and taking note, what works and what doesn’t.
  • Be different – You can read a thousand other blogs for inspiration, but if you are not unique in your own writing you will get lost among the crowd. The art of blogging is at an all time high today, and your site is needs to offer something different and unique in order to compete with the many others available for reading pleasure. Again, study as many other blogs as you possibly can and offer your readers something that they don’t. That is the key to gaining an audience. Perhaps you plan to blog about parenting, and after studying countless numbers of blogs you find that the one thing they are all lacking is professional advice from a doctors point-of-view, if you are a doctor, or can somehow offer this advice, do so… This will set your blog apart from the rest and help you to gain readership and recognition.
  • Get to the point – The great thing about blogging is that you are free to do whatever you choose. It is a less professional atmosphere where creativity and tone rule the game. You don’t have to spend as much time worrying about the small things such as, style and grammar, but it is important that you ensure your writing is easy to understand. Make certain that your wording is aimed at any level of reader, and make your point as clear as possible. Remember that online readers are not looking for a novel, they are in search of information and entertainment. If you can provide these things in an easy to read environment, you will succeed as a blogger.
  •  Be ConsistentConsistency is another important key when it comes to successful blogging. You are only as good as your last post, and with the thousands of others that follow, you can quickly be bumped out of the search results. This is not to say that you must post every single day without fail, that is a personal choice, but some consistency is required to keep your blog at the top of the search results and on readers minds.
  • Ensure Quality Writing – Quality should come before quantity in all writing, this is especially true when it comes to blogging. A few great posts are better than a whole lot of so-so ones. If a subject is becoming a chore move on to something that provides more passion. Make certain that every post is appealing both physically and mentally, take time to proof-read just as you would when writing an article for profitable publication.
  • Get Personal – One of my favorite things about reading, and writing, blogs is the personal view they provide. Blogging allows you to get in touch with your readers and share your experiences with them from your own point of view, rather than providing only factual information as you would do in many other forms of writing. Readers love hearing personal stories and it will help them relate to you on a more personal level. Eventually this will lead to you forming a relationship with your audience that resembles a friendship of sorts. The more personal you become in your writing, the more realistic your writing becomes to your readers. So share that story about Aunt Annie’s amazing cheesecake fiasco and allow your readers to laugh right along with you.
  •  Looks do matter – You blog should look good and be easy to navigate. The goal should be for your audience to be able to see what your blog is about in under 10 seconds. Your pages and posts should be easy to navigate, and you should have a subscription option readily available for to easy access future content updates. Making a good first impression is imperative to success in the blogging world so look at your site through a critical eye and find ways to make it more appealing to your readers.
  • Don’t give up – Don’t allow yourself to get frustrated if you see your readership dip, it is easier to keep going than it is to stop and start over. If you see you stats dropping simply spice things up and switch them around. The greatest things about having a blog is the ability to evolve as required. Unlike writing a book, you can easily change the tone of your blog without causing major upset to your readers. A fresh face and new ideas are often welcomed with open arms, in fact readers usually appreciate the change of pace.
  • Get attention from the get-go – Compelling headlines that grab attention and get readers on to your site are the easiest way to raise your stats and get people reading your content. Learn as well about Keyword writing and utilize it to its full benefit. Having a post title that demands attention will get people to your site in the first place, then all you have to do is keep them there with rich, quality content.
  • Share your success – Linking to other blogs is a great way to help other writers succeed, while helping yourself in the process. When you link to other blogs, either through your writing or in your blog roll, you are helping another aspiring writer achieve the same accomplishments you have. The favor is generally returned with an open heart and a complimentary link, increasing both your stats and theirs. Another great way to gain attention and share the wealth of success is by offering contests, if you can offer your readers a chance to win a prize you will quickly double your stats. Even a small gift card can increase attention ten-fold, so once you have a small following give them incentive to stick around, and encourage them to invite others, with a cool contest.
  • Value opinion – Polls and research are a great way to show your readers that you value their opinions. Placing a small survey or poll on your blog will encourage your readers to tell you what they want, and the results may be news worthy. If you are writing a post that allows you to ask your readers a question do so, but do so without forcing a response. Share the results in a follow-up article and you could quickly find yourself with endless inspiration.
  • Encourage feedback – Encourage your readers to share their thoughts and comments by providing an easily accessible comment section and replying to any feedback you receive. Readers like to know that their thoughts are appreciated, so encourage conversation by personally replying to each comment your posts receive. It takes only a moment of your time, but it makes the reader feel valued and respected. You can learn a lot about what your readers are looking for through the comments they leave on your blog, this is especially useful for company blogs, or writer’s who are trying to build a reputation.
  • Communicate constantly – Utilizing the many social networks available is an excellent way to get your site recognized and gain the attention you deserve. Log on to Twitter and Tweet about your latest posts, create a fan page on Facebook and share helpful information with the world, make MySpace your creative connection… search out sources to promote yourself and gather a gang of followers through each site. This will help to quickly raise your stats and get your name out there.
  • Have fun – Most importantly have fun with what you do. Enjoy your writing and keep doing it until it is no longer fun for you. Share the laughter and the passion that you hold for your subject, and never take it to seriously. Take pleasure in your success, and share that happiness with others. Constantly create and endlessly evolve until you can change no more, and then move on to the next adventure.

Blogging can be a rewarding ‘career’ and an excellent way to grow both personally and as a writer. Never stop learning, and never give up. If you truly have the desire, you will succeed. The best thing you can do is experiment and challenge yourself constantly to be the best writer you can be. Study the pros and form your own style, be yourself, and give it your all. Most of all enjoy each and every second.

“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.”
(Brian Clark)

Do you have any tips for successful blogging? We would love to hear them.
Feel free to share in the comment section, or send your submissions to: 

Until Next Time…

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Open Themed Thursdays #1 – Whatever You Write, Write It With Passion!

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The most commonly heard advice for writers is “Write what you know” and though this rings true in some ways, there is a better piece of advice that every writer should first be given. That advice has nothing to do with spelling, grammar, style, or voice. It is not about point-of-view, or even choosing your niche. No, the best advice any writer can hear is…

“Whatever You Write, Write It With Passion!”

You do not have to be an expert on a topic to be able to write about it, you simply have to have an interest, a willingness to learn, and an ability to communicate. You only need to have the fire and the passion that makes a writer great. All other aspects can be taught and learned.

So, What exactly is passion?

Passion is the need, the desire, or the never-ceasing compulsion to share your ideas, opinions, or thoughts. It is a longing to communicate, and a love of words. It is a feeling that a writer gets when they turn a blank page into a form of art. It is the ability to create something, from nothing. It is the one element of writing that can never be taught, a writer either has passion, or they don’t… but odds are if your writing at all, it is there, you simply need to find it and learn to harness it.

Passion is often mistaken for information, and many writers will force their opinion or ideas through an over-abundance of that information. The result is an article, or other work, that rambles on-and-on filing the page with emotionless facts. Passion is not found in the content itself, but the way that content is conveyed to the reader.

One of the easiest places to share your passion for writing, and have it recognized, is right here on the web. Web writing is great for a number of reasons, one of those reasons being that when you are writing for the web you are able to drop some of the more professional practices and tones to your writing and get away with it easily. You can take almost any topic and turn in to a great read on the web if you have the passion. Most internet writing is meant to be short and simple, people do not want to sit and read a novel on their computers, and so concise, to-the-point writing is best suited for the online environment. It is because of this fast paced, information based backdrop that writing for the web can be such a fulfilling endeavor. People turn to the web to gather information and learn about a topic quickly, and oftentimes they are researching a topic they don’t necessarily want to learn about, but have to learn about; for various reasons such as employment or education. That is where you the writer  has the opportunity to share and explore your passion. If you can take a boring subject and make it a) easy to read, b) interesting to read, and even c) fun to read, quickly and with some talent, you will be successful in your writing.

That is passion; the ability to write, even when it is something that is not of interest to you, and to write it well.

Injecting passion into everything that you write is where the truly passionate writers get separated from the rest. Writing non-fiction with passion is an easier accomplishment for many, as it involves creativity and the power to twist and turn the plot to suit the readers needs. To take factual information, that is black and white, plain and simple, truth and lies, and turn it in to something that commands attention, is what passionate writing is all about. Not every writer has that ability, nor is it something that can be taught in a classroom or through a writing course. Luckily, the chances are if you can inject passion into any writing you will be able to inject it into all writing, you simply need to practice your craft and experiment with your creativity.

Passion in writing is a broad topic and I could ramble on for hours, but simply reading what I have to say would get you nowhere. If you feel the passion when you write than you, and only you, will know it. You will see glimpses of the result of that passion in your writing, as well as the way your readers accept it. So, instead of rambling on about the importance of passionate writing, I will end this post with a few tips to help you find and channel that passion, but remember, no matter what is said or done the only sure way to improve is through creativity and good old fashion practice.

Tips To Help You Find and Fulfill Your Passion For Writing In Any Form

  • Forget Form for a Moment – Throw away the text books and set the style manual aside. Focus instead on writing from your heart. Don’t worry about proper punctuation or being grammatically correct for the time being, aim to get out the emotion and passion you have inside. Free your mind and show your feelings, be bold and strong, be honest and open, be dramatic and impulsive…. Just be! I am not saying that your writing should be sloppy, but you should be able to have fun. Writing can become boring even for the most creative writers, sometimes we have to keep it interesting, even if just for ourselves alone. By opening your mind and focusing only on your writing, rather than all the technicalities, you will probably find that you are producing not only more content, but more passionate and meaningful content as well. I am the type of writer who throws form to the wind when I am on a roll. I forget the rules and simply let the words flow freely. When I have a creative idea all I want to do is get it out before it’s lost. I don’t want to think about comma’s or periods, sentence structure, or proper phrases. Sure, was I producing a piece that I hope to publish I would probably pay more attention to these details, but you can always go back and do corrections later… Generally speaking, creative thoughts that are not acted upon run the risk of being lost forever!
  • Take Control of Your Writing Environment – If you have found yourself faced with a lack of stimulation and a need for more passion towards writing, one of he easiest ways to get your gears going is to change the environment you write in. Shut the door, move to another room, or pack up and change your location altogether. Experiment by writing in new and interesting places like the park, the beach, or a quiet café. Even a slight change in setting can spark your creativity, find something that works and stick with it until it works no longer, and then set out to experiment some more! You can often find creativity just by changing the lighting, the time of day that you write, or by atmosphere. This can be done by lighting candles, adding music, or waking up earlier in the day, even a simple change of scent can trigger your creativity. The mind is an amazing thing! The whole point is to find a place, or setting, that allows you to relax and focus only on yourself and your writing, often a difficult task to accept and accomplish in today’s tiring world, but taking the time to make the time will benefit you immensely in your writing.
  • Know Who You Are Writing For – Knowing your target audience is an important part of setting the tone of your writing, and finding your passionate writer within. By having a target group in mind you will be able to easily decide how to best write about the subject you are addressing. You wouldn’t want to write an article about Travel for the 50+ female that was filled with information about singles resorts and written in a humorous singleton slang tone would you? Having the incorrect tone for your target audience is like speaking a foreign language, your reader may not understand what you’re saying, or may turn somewhere else just to make their lives easier and to gather information more quickly. You have to know your reader to be able to share your passion on a level that they will connect with.
  • Don’t Overload on Facts – Factual information is a major part of writing in any form, but there is nothing worse than a post that is jam-packed with facts and stats, and has no voice or emotion what-so-ever. It is fine to want to share the facts with your readers, but if you are aiming to show them that you are a passionate, capable writer, you will need to fill your front page with more than just facts. There needs to be tone and personality to your writing, or your readers are simply going to skim your work in order to find what they are looking for, and never look back.
  • Share Yourself – The most important part of finding your passion in writing is to just be yourself. Open up to your audience and share who you are without fear. Passion is a feeling, an emotion, and the only way you are ever going to be able to express that emotion through words is by opening yourself up and putting yourself down on the page. Don’t let fear of rejection, or criticism hold you back, I can guarantee that if you take the risk and pour yourself into your writing, you will be accepted with open arms. Why? because then, and only then, will others be able to feel the way you feel through your words.

Find that flame that burns inside you by experimenting with your writing and yourself. Open up and try new things, share a part of who you are and enjoy every single thing you write, good or bad. Harness that passion and unleash it on the world by gathering your emotions and opinions, and expressing them through word and pen.

Deep within every person who has ever had a desire to write a single word is a brilliant writer full of passion and the ability to succeed.

Welcome to Open Themed Thursdays. How do you harness your writing passion?

Until Next Time….

Write On!

Method to my Madness…Oh, The Mind of a Writer!

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I realize that I have been completely neglecting my duties to my blog… and while I do feel terrible there has been method to my madness… I started this blog not only to inspire myself, but to help inspire others as well. I started this blog because I was suffering from a terrible bout of Writer’s Block… and though that bout has since passed I am aware that some people do not overcome it as easily as I. Being an overly creative person I am overwhelmed when I can not come up with ideas.. such an issue often finds me deeply depressed. For me writing is my outlet, it is my shoulder to cry on and my stress release.. as it is for many others, so when I am unable to release those thoughts and stresses I tend to bottle them up inside where they often boil over and flow out in unproductive ways….

I thought a lot about this blog over the last few weeks, considering both the purpose, the content, and the direction I want it to take. Throughout my life I have not been one for sticking with things, generally one idea quickly spirals into many until I have lost the original and there is no resemblance traceable at all… I don’t want that to happen with this blog, as it has with my others…

And so after much thought and consideration I have decided to re-format this blog and create a set outline of what my posts will offer. Not only will this help you the reader, by knowing what to expect.. It will help me the writer, come up with ideas for posts that stay on topic and make it easier to produce regular content.

Though I am sure there will be many times I may stray from the set path, this is the basics that I have come up with:

Monday’sMystery Mondays will be about creating answers, asking questions and looking deeper at ourselves. There will be prompts posted in the form of questions that may be answered in any form you like. This will allow anyone to benefit from these prompts. I find when visiting sites to gather ideas that many prompts are specifically written to suit a certain form, such as poetry for example…  but if I don’t feel like writing a poem that day it is almost as if that prompt becomes useless to me. I want every prompt posted here to be one that can be used anyway you choose. You may choose to answer the question literally with factual information, or creatively through story, or song. You may decide that it sparks a great idea for a poem, or maybe it produces a thought for an article you want to write… Which ever form you choose Mystery Mondays will be about looking at questions and answers in one way or another and there will be no right or wrong response…

Tuesday’sTips and Tricks Tuesdays will provide you with information that will help you grow as a writer. Articles, links and information on various topics will be discussed, and we will look at the many different forms of writing that are possible. I am hoping that this topic will generate conversation and get people working together to inspire and help one another. We are all here for the same reason, we all have a dream and desire to write, by talking, learning, and helping each other out we can all become more successful as writers. There will be guest posts, Open discussions, and valuable tricks. I hope that you will check back often and share your thoughts. Even if the topic, or writing form, is not one that would normally appeal to you, have a quick read… Opening our minds to new adventures is one of the easiest ways to grow.

Wednesday’sWordy Wednesdays is everything words. Writers have one thing in common no matter their choice of style, we all love words. This section will share the many sides of words and may include: New and interesting words, commonly misspelled words, finding the right word, poor usage, over usage, and the common mistake of too much flair. Anything and everything to do with words will appear on this day… Who knows, maybe some fun word puzzles will even show up here to test your skills and get you going… stay tuned…. and again feel free to add your thoughts or comments.

Thursday’sOpen Themed Thursdays will be my outlet to deviate from the set routine. This day will host a wide range of topics, prompts and other ideas. It will be the day that I most encourage others to submit any tips, tricks, ideas, or even articles that they have on any aspect of writing. Feel free to send questions or share ideas that you would like to see appear on this Open Themed day, and stay tuned for the wide variety of subject that I am sure will arise.

Friday’sFun Fridays will be the break from a long week of hard work. Hosting jokes, riddles, stories and comedy. Fun prompts, and silly pictures… Anything and everything to have fun writing. Reader input and submitted stories are always welcome.

Saturday’sSinful Saturdays will be full of prompts geared toward more adult topics, and more intense writing with open ended questions, controversial topics, and more detailed prompts. The content will vary from week to week, but the point will be to get your mind moving and to start producing content that you can actually use. Will be aimed more towards article and discussion ideas, but will also include options for other forms of writing.

Sunday’sShare and Shine Sundays will be all about sharing your writing and ideas with other like minded writers in the community. I eventually hope that this day will become the time that we can share our writing and get input from each other. It is often hard to find people to critique your work with an open mind, and having other writer’s that are willing to read your writing and share their thoughts is a valuable tool. To start things off I will be posting various pieces that I have written throughout the years. Feel free to share your opinion, point out any typo’s (as I will place some in there on purpose) and give your overall outlook on the work. Also feel free to send in your own writing if you wish to have it looked over by other writers… You can include a short bio, or keep it anonymous if you prefer. All I ask is that all content be review with respect and honesty.

Well there you have it. This is the new outline for Perfectly Prompted. I hope that you will all follow along and hit subscribe to get the latest updates. Fill up the comment area with your thoughts and ideas, and lets make this a great place for writers to connect with one another and get inspired to write. We all want to live the dream and become successful writers, with support and inspiration from others we can quickly achieve that dream, together.

Until Next Time….

Write On!

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