I have complied a list of a few prompts that may help you when you are feeling stuck for something to write about.

I like prompts of all types,everything from creative writing to actual topic ideas, so I will add more as time goes by and get them more organized, but here are a few for the moment to get your minds working…. Feel free to tune these prompts to suit your needs and writing style. Share the results in the comments section and remember linking back to your own blog is encouraged and comments are always appreciated.

Write On….

  • A man and a woman meet up for a blind date. He thinks it went well, but she thinks it was awful. Write a short piece from each of the characters point of view.
  • Write from the point of view of a food about to be eaten.
  • Describe the best place in the world.
  • If you could confront your childhood bully what would you say?
  • What single event changed your life?
  • If you could do one thing over what would it be?
  • Create a story around a 48 year-old single mother with a drug problem.
  • Write a letter to a loved one that has passed away saying all the things you wish you could have said while they were still alive.
  • Write a poem about a man who has left his family.
  • Share your thoughts on a much debated subject. (e.g. abortion, taxes, war, race, etc..)
  • Begin a piece with the line: “If only I had..”
  • Describe your perfect partner. What would they look like. Act like. Job. Personality. Etc.
  • What would you do with a million dollars?
  • When you were young and you thought about the year 2000 what did you envision?
  • Create a ‘bucket list
  • Write a letter to your children sharing what they need to know in life.
  • Write a letter to your past self explaining why the troubles you face will be worth it.
  • Describe a cottage on the lake.
  • Take the words of your favorite song and scramble them into a piece.
  • Write from the point of view of a baby first seeing its parents.
  • City life or Country life? Why?
  • Write an article about a charity that does great things.
  • Imagine that you are suddenly broke and homeless, what do you do?
  • Describe the ideal Sunday afternoon.
  • What one thing must you do before you die?
  • How is your life now different than what you planned when you were younger?
  • Pretend you are a teacher, what would you teach? How would you be different than the rest?
  • Write a poem about love or lost love.
  • Write a piece that describes an emotion, without ever saying which emotion it is.
  • You are a fly on the wall in a Gentleman’s Club, what sorts of things do you see?
  • You be the Judge: Euthanasia, right or wrong? Why?
  • Your child has been kidnapped, Describe your emotions and actions.
  • Write a piece encouraging others to visit your site. What does it hold in store for them?

There are a few to get you started. I will add more and organize them better over time. If the posted style of writing does not fit you feel free to write in the form you are most comfortable, change it up and make it yours, whatever gets your mind working…. Remember when battling writer’s block it is more about quantity than it is quality, the more you write the more ideas you will produce.

Once again, feel free to share the results in the comments area or link back to your own site.
Get Inspired, Get Connected, Get Writing!

Until next time….

Write on!

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  1. Finding Inspiration to Write… What to do when you can’t get started. « Perfectly Prompted!
    Jun 30, 2011 @ 06:55:21

  2. Jackie Paulson (Author)
    Oct 29, 2011 @ 00:58:26

    Now those are original ideas on to what to write about, thanks so much.


  3. Halley
    Dec 11, 2011 @ 23:38:12

    Now those are original ideas on to what to write about, thanks so much.


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