Being a blogger can be a very rewarding endeavor. Whether your blog is personal, business focused, or aimed toward a certain theme, there is one thing that all will share, (and one thing that many bloggers dread writing) the ‘About Mepage.

Every blog, no matter the focus, requires a small spot for the readers to get to know the writers, product, or business behind the blog. The ‘about me’ page does just that. Whether you are writing to promote your business, your writing, or yourself, your “about me” page is a valuable tool for connecting with your readers. Writing this page can be the most difficult part of being a blogger and should share important information, without sharing too much.

There are a few things to keep in mind when writing your “About” page.

Your ‘about’ page should answer the following basic questions:

  • Who you are,
  • What you do,
  • What you write about,
  • How to contact you.

If you are writing a personal blog it would be a good idea to add a bit of your history to this section. Include things such as, who you are, if you have children, if your married, where you work (or what you do) and what prompted you to start writing about your life. Fill in the blanks regarding anything that you may write about. Readers may be shocked to discover you have two children and 14 dogs, if this information is not on your ‘about’ page and they suddenly appear in a post.

Your ‘about’ page should set the tone of your entire blog. Do not write a humorous ‘about’ page for a serious blog, and vice-versa. Stick to the same tone you intend to use throughout your writing so readers know what to expect from your site.

Bold headlines, and bullets are a great way to share a large amount of information without overwhelming your readers. This is especially useful for company blogs that may have a ton of important information to share. By chopping big chunks of information in to smaller, easier to read lists you encourage your readers to learn about you, your site or your company. Internet readers often don’t have the time to read entire novels online, so ensure you are sharing the most important information at the beginning of your post, and finding ways to make it easy to read.

Adding your contact information to your ‘about’ page makes it easy for readers to get in contact with you. Set up a new email specifically for your site if you are not comfortable positing your personal email online. Company blogs should provide contact information for various departments, and another for general inquiries. If a reader has a question they do not want to have to search your site to find your contact information. It should be accessible and easy to locate.

Most of all, be yourself. This is especially important if you are writing a personal blog. Readers will go to your ‘about’ page as a way to get to know ‘you‘ and learn more about why you write. Being yourself is important if you hope to truly connect with your readers.

Though it is personal preference what level of information you choose to share, any expertise you have on the topic you are writing about should be shared with your readers to help build trust in your content. Play around with your ‘about’ page, and have fun. Remember it is a look at you, your site or your business, so let your true colors shine.

Why is an ‘About’ page important:

There are a number of reasons to place an ‘about’ page on your site if you haven’t already.

An ‘about’ page helps you to build your name in the writing world, it gives readers a look behind the scenes and helps them form a personal relationship with the writer of the content they love to read.

An ‘about’ page also has the ability to take readers deeper into your site or any others you may write for. Links in your ‘about’ section can take readers to posts that they may not have discovered on their own, or to another site that may be of interest to them. A good ‘about’ page will encourage readers to explore your site, your writing, and you, on a deeper level.

About pages are one of the most view pages on any blog, this shows that readers want to know a bit more about ‘who‘ is writing the content they are reading and should be motivation enough to get you started on yours.

Do you have any tips on writing an “About Me” page?
Did you find it difficult to write your own?
Feel free to share your thoughts and advice in the comments section below.

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