I was inspired by a fellow bloggers Tweet tonight.. Inspired enough that I decided to write a post. (I wasn’t going to post here tonight as it has been so hot and sticky today and I am just exhausted)but his words really made me think so I want to go off topic today and share with you a thought…

Success is measured by YOU alone!

@Experification, from the amazing blog Experification here on WordPress, said on Twitter tonight

“I may not write for a living, but for sure I live for my writing

These amazing words got me thinking, though we would all love to make ‘big bucks’ with our writing, for how many of us is it just enough to write and be heard?

I aspire to become a successful writer. I also aspire to make money writing, and doing what I love most, but the two are not in the same…

Being successful has nothing to do with how much money you have made, how many books you have written, how many fans you have, or how big your house may be. Success is measured by your level of happiness and self-fulfillment. It is measured by how great you feel doing whatever it is you do.

So to all the writer’s out there, please remember one thing, don’t write for your audience, write for yourself, and if other’s enjoy it as much as you do, great… but if they don’t, you will still have success!


Until Next Time…

Write On!