Success in writing is the result of many things, besides hard work and good writing. Writers need to form a strong network of support, they need constant inspiration and often reassurance. Thanks to the world of technology getting acquainted and connected with other writers all over the world can be easily achieved without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

There are many benefits to connecting with other writers, joining writing groups, or simply creating a network of like-minded individuals.  By surrounding yourself with like-minded people who share your interest and passion for writing you will have the ability to share thoughts, find inspiration, and even vent your frustrations from time to time. Building a support network of aspiring writers allows you to share in the glory and attain success.

I have found that I am the only one of my friends or family that has that deep-rooted passion for writing, though supportive of my goals, never seem to truly understand my desire and ‘need’ to write. They will read my posts and encourage my writing, they will listen when I talk and even help me when I struggle, but the passion is just not there for them, and I can feel it. This lack of interest or excitement can often frustrate me, and has even made me feel bad for “bothering” them with my writing. Many times friends have assured me that this is not the case, but if you have ever tried to talk to someone about a subject that is of no interest to them, you will understand what I mean…. Yes, the person can often be helpful, they will listen politely and offer help where they can, but their heart will not be in it, and you will end up feeling bad. You will have guilt , and worry about annoying or overwhelming them, and so eventually instead of asking for their advice or help when you need it you simply keep your thoughts to yourself. This is the worst thing a writer can do if they hope to succeed in writing, that is why I feel it is important that every writer finds at least one person, or place that they can openly discuss writing as much or as little as they desire.

Though I do aim to have this site be that place one day, there are many other great outlets for writers available online that will allow you to connect and discuss all aspects of your writing. Feel free to share here though as This site is open to any discussions, you are welcome to post links, ask for help or vent your frustrations on the “Get Connected” page above, but if you are looking for other outlets, (as I usually do) then below is a list of different sites for writers

Of course I could list hundreds more, but this is a few for the time being. Check them out and see all the benefits they have to offer, also feel free to share your own links below…. and don’t forget that Perfectly Prompted is open to ideas and willing to help you out in any way it can, make this site whatever you need it to be by visiting the “Get Connected” Page and positing any questions, thoughts, or ideas you may have….

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