Persuasion is the process of guiding oneself or another toward the adoption of an idea, action, or attitude by rational and symbolic (though not always logical) means. – Wikipedia

Last week I discussed writing about controversial issues to get attention, along the same lines this week I am providing you with some writing prompts that discuss some much talked about issues in society. Taking a well-known issue and sharing your opinion is an easy way to get yourself some attention and recognition in your writing, especially if you can take the issue and convince others that your spin, or thought on it, is the right one  have. Persuasive writing is a powerful tool and one that requires much practice…

Here is a list of some persuasive, or expository writing prompts for you to try out. These prompts are geared towards making you think, and persuading others to do the same… Try them out and feel free to share the results if you are inspired. When writing on these topics you have two options, you may choose to research the topic in order to provide factual information in your writing, or you may opt to write simply based on your opinion of the issue… the choice is yours and the possibilities are endless. You are welcome to post links to your post or your own blogs in the comment area for others to see… Again this site is about getting writers connected to each other to promote inspiration and success…

Writing Prompts that will persuade you to think:

  1. Many people believe that television now-a-days promotes violence in our children, and has a negative effect on society. Do you agree or disagree?
  2. Many people spend their lives fighting for a cause, such as; freeing political prisoners, is there a cause you hold dear to your heart? Why? and Why should others as well? Persuade me to join your crusade!
  3. Does the music our children listen to really influence their way of life? Why or why not? What should change?
  4. Schools all over the world are adapting a “No Homework Ever” policy because studies have shown that children learn better ‘in’ class than ‘out’. Do you agree with this idea? Why or Why not?
  5. To fight the “War on Drugs” many schools across America are conducting random searches of students and their storage units. It has raised a large amount of discussion on the right to privacy at school. Where do you stand on this issue and why?

These topics are simple suggestions, the idea is to take an issue that gets a lot of attention and use it to your benefit. By sharing your opinion on a front page issue you will gain readership and move yourself up in the search listings. Use one of the above or think of your own ‘Hot Topic‘ to discuss in order to get your writing the attention it deserves…. Fill up the comments area with your results!

Until Next Time…

Write On!