I apologize for the lack of posts.. the world around me has been chaos! But without any further delay here is the First Edition of Sinful Saturdays which aims to have you look deeper at yourself and your views through prompts and questions that spark conversation.

Too many times we restrain ourselves. For fear of offending others we avoid certain topics. Some of my best writing has occurred when I address those issues that get my blood boiling. Try writing an editorial piece, story, or other form of work about a topic that some might deem inappropriate.

Before you write though consider both sides, and answer the arguments of them as well…. For all negative reasoning there is positive reasoning…

Take for example the issue of Abortions…

There are major arguments as to why abortion is wrong, such as; taking away an innocent life, some say it is equal to murder, some think it is like playing God, Adoption is a viable alternative,  in the instance of rape or sex crimes the child is not the offender and should not suffer, abortion is being used as a form of contraception, it cause stress on your body and mind…. etc…

But you also have to look at the arguments that support abortion as well, for example; abortion is no murder because nearly all abortions occur in the first trimester when the fetus can not survive independently, if a fertilized egg to be used for in-vitro is not used it is the same as abortion then, it is better to save a child from a life of suffering with a parent that will be unable or unfit to care for them, pregnancy can occur even with the use of contraception and a child should not suffer due to a mistake or accident, in the case of rape or sex crimes the victim has suffered deeply looking at the face of a child created by such violence can cause deeper pain thus affecting the child and the way it will be treated due to mental suffering on the victims part, the choice to abort saves millions of tax dollars and mothers who will struggle on the welfare system… etc….

As you can see above, when you look at both sides of an issue you discover that both have viable arguments.. you may find it hard to choose a side. This can create some of the best writing. Open minded articles that give the facts without judgment, or argumentative articles that fight for certain rights can help a writer to express themselves and their passions.

Try choosing a controversial issue that sparks you interest and write something for the opposing side to your beliefs. If this is too difficult for you to do emotionally, or you find that it is against your morals, etc… than write about your opinion, and why you support the topic the way you do…

You do not have to share your writing with anyone unless you choose to, the idea is more to create passion and to open your mind to other views and ideas that exist in the world around you.

Some Ideas To Consider:

  • Abortion Wrong or Right?
  • War Always Bad or Sometimes Necessary? 
  • Bin Laden – Dead or Alive? Should he have been killed or put to trial?
  • The Death Penalty For or Against? 

You get the idea… Try it out and see where it takes you…. Open your mind and write “outside the box” as always feel free to share your topic if you choose, and comments are ALWAYS welcome!

Until Next Time…..

Write On!