The life of a writer revolves around words. Writing words, using words, and find the right word to express exactly what they are trying to say. Many writers will tell you that they turn to a thesaurus almost daily in their writing looking for new and interesting words to use in their writing. A thesaurus is a great way to find new words to use and an excellent source for expanding your vocabulary. I love learning new words and finding ways to incorporate them into my writing and even my daily communications….

And so, for Wordy Wednesdays #1 I have decided to share a list of new and interesting words, some of which you may have heard, or even used in your own writing, and some that may be new to you. Enjoy reading through the list and try using your favorites in a sentence. Feel free to  post your sentence in the comment section for everyone to see and enjoy, be creative and have fun.

New and Interesting Words:

Expurgate(EX-PUR-GATE)Verb – To edit out rude, incorrect, offensive, useless or otherwise undesirable information from a book, CD or other publication; to cleanse; to purge.
*The publisher decided to expurgate the love scene from the book, to make it more child-friendly.*

Neatnik(NEAT-NIK)Noun – A stickler for neatness or cleanliness.
*His mom is such a neatnik that a dirty dish never even hits her sink.*

Fuscous(FUHS-KUHS)Adjective – of a dark brownish-gray color; dark or dusty.
*The rain was falling fast from the fuscous sky.*

Conchology(KONG-KOL-UH-JEE)Noun – The study of the shells of mollusks; the hobby of shell collecting.
*He spent much of his life studying conchology and had gathered a large personal collection.*

Innards(IN-ERDZ)Noun – The internal organs of a human or animal; The inner workings of something; The insides or guts.
*He took the cover off his computer and looked at the innards.*

Cankle(CANK-EL)Slang Noun – When the calf blends into the ankle.
*The woman at the bus stop was slightly obese and the skirt she wore showed off her cankles.*

Stipend(S-TIP-END)Noun – A fixed payment; A modest allowance.
*My stipend for doing public service is barely enough to cover living expenses.*

Logorrhea(LOG-UH-RI-UH)Noun – An excessive flow of words.
*Jeremy’s writing often suffers from logorrhea.*
(Click on the link above to view the International House of Logorrhea a great site full of new and interesting words)

Distish (DIS-TI-SH) Noun – A couplet; A two line stanza making complete sense.
*The poet spent days trying to create the perfect distish with no success.*

Fankle(FAN-K-EL)Verb – To tangle or entangle.
*She found her favorite necklace under the bed in quite a fankle.*

Splosh(SP-LAW-SH)Verb – The sound of splashing; To spill or spill over.
*My daughter dropped her toy in the bath creating a great splosh.*

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Try them out and feel free to add your own in the comments section….

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