I realize that I have been completely neglecting my duties to my blog… and while I do feel terrible there has been method to my madness… I started this blog not only to inspire myself, but to help inspire others as well. I started this blog because I was suffering from a terrible bout of Writer’s Block… and though that bout has since passed I am aware that some people do not overcome it as easily as I. Being an overly creative person I am overwhelmed when I can not come up with ideas.. such an issue often finds me deeply depressed. For me writing is my outlet, it is my shoulder to cry on and my stress release.. as it is for many others, so when I am unable to release those thoughts and stresses I tend to bottle them up inside where they often boil over and flow out in unproductive ways….

I thought a lot about this blog over the last few weeks, considering both the purpose, the content, and the direction I want it to take. Throughout my life I have not been one for sticking with things, generally one idea quickly spirals into many until I have lost the original and there is no resemblance traceable at all… I don’t want that to happen with this blog, as it has with my others…

And so after much thought and consideration I have decided to re-format this blog and create a set outline of what my posts will offer. Not only will this help you the reader, by knowing what to expect.. It will help me the writer, come up with ideas for posts that stay on topic and make it easier to produce regular content.

Though I am sure there will be many times I may stray from the set path, this is the basics that I have come up with:

Monday’sMystery Mondays will be about creating answers, asking questions and looking deeper at ourselves. There will be prompts posted in the form of questions that may be answered in any form you like. This will allow anyone to benefit from these prompts. I find when visiting sites to gather ideas that many prompts are specifically written to suit a certain form, such as poetry for example…  but if I don’t feel like writing a poem that day it is almost as if that prompt becomes useless to me. I want every prompt posted here to be one that can be used anyway you choose. You may choose to answer the question literally with factual information, or creatively through story, or song. You may decide that it sparks a great idea for a poem, or maybe it produces a thought for an article you want to write… Which ever form you choose Mystery Mondays will be about looking at questions and answers in one way or another and there will be no right or wrong response…

Tuesday’sTips and Tricks Tuesdays will provide you with information that will help you grow as a writer. Articles, links and information on various topics will be discussed, and we will look at the many different forms of writing that are possible. I am hoping that this topic will generate conversation and get people working together to inspire and help one another. We are all here for the same reason, we all have a dream and desire to write, by talking, learning, and helping each other out we can all become more successful as writers. There will be guest posts, Open discussions, and valuable tricks. I hope that you will check back often and share your thoughts. Even if the topic, or writing form, is not one that would normally appeal to you, have a quick read… Opening our minds to new adventures is one of the easiest ways to grow.

Wednesday’sWordy Wednesdays is everything words. Writers have one thing in common no matter their choice of style, we all love words. This section will share the many sides of words and may include: New and interesting words, commonly misspelled words, finding the right word, poor usage, over usage, and the common mistake of too much flair. Anything and everything to do with words will appear on this day… Who knows, maybe some fun word puzzles will even show up here to test your skills and get you going… stay tuned…. and again feel free to add your thoughts or comments.

Thursday’sOpen Themed Thursdays will be my outlet to deviate from the set routine. This day will host a wide range of topics, prompts and other ideas. It will be the day that I most encourage others to submit any tips, tricks, ideas, or even articles that they have on any aspect of writing. Feel free to send questions or share ideas that you would like to see appear on this Open Themed day, and stay tuned for the wide variety of subject that I am sure will arise.

Friday’sFun Fridays will be the break from a long week of hard work. Hosting jokes, riddles, stories and comedy. Fun prompts, and silly pictures… Anything and everything to have fun writing. Reader input and submitted stories are always welcome.

Saturday’sSinful Saturdays will be full of prompts geared toward more adult topics, and more intense writing with open ended questions, controversial topics, and more detailed prompts. The content will vary from week to week, but the point will be to get your mind moving and to start producing content that you can actually use. Will be aimed more towards article and discussion ideas, but will also include options for other forms of writing.

Sunday’sShare and Shine Sundays will be all about sharing your writing and ideas with other like minded writers in the community. I eventually hope that this day will become the time that we can share our writing and get input from each other. It is often hard to find people to critique your work with an open mind, and having other writer’s that are willing to read your writing and share their thoughts is a valuable tool. To start things off I will be posting various pieces that I have written throughout the years. Feel free to share your opinion, point out any typo’s (as I will place some in there on purpose) and give your overall outlook on the work. Also feel free to send in your own writing if you wish to have it looked over by other writers… You can include a short bio, or keep it anonymous if you prefer. All I ask is that all content be review with respect and honesty.

Well there you have it. This is the new outline for Perfectly Prompted. I hope that you will all follow along and hit subscribe to get the latest updates. Fill up the comment area with your thoughts and ideas, and lets make this a great place for writers to connect with one another and get inspired to write. We all want to live the dream and become successful writers, with support and inspiration from others we can quickly achieve that dream, together.

Until Next Time….

Write On!