What is the best tool a writer can have? What is one thing that will make life as a writer easier and less stressful? What is the one thing that every writer should have on hand at all times? What is the tool that will not only improve your writing, but your mind as well?

…If you are thinking a computer…. You are wrong…..

The greatest tool for any writer is…..

A Thesaurus!

Using a thesaurus can help to expand a writer’s vocabulary, and prevent the common problem of over-using similar words, expressions, or terms. Every writer has suffered from a loss of words at one time or another, we have all struggled to find the perfect way to convey our message, or get our point across clearly. Use of the correct word can create detail, intensity, and clarity in your writing, making it easier to read and understand.

"The perfect word can make, or break, your writing."


Finding the right word for a particular context is a lot like using proper grammar, it helps to create a flow for your writing. When your reader sees the same word used over and over in a repetitious manner they begin to get bored with the monotonous feel, and they may even stop reading it all together. Word variation is important in your writing for creativity, emotion, and excitement. Even when the various words you use all mean the same thing, the variety they establish will make your piece easier to interpret, enjoy, and even retain, these simple word variations will encourage your audience to keep reading and prevent them from getting bored.

Using a thesaurus on a regular basis in your writing will also help to expand your vocabulary. By constantly seeking out different words to convey your meaning you will begin to retain these alternative options, and if your write often you will soon find that you are using an assortment of words habitually.

The use of a thesaurus differs from a dictionary by reducing all the ‘extra‘ information into only a few simple word options. Where a dictionary provides you with the origin, parts of speech, pronunciation, and several different meanings, a thesaurus simply lists synonyms or other words with a similar meaning for quick reference. Some versions of the thesaurus also provide you with an antonym, or opposite word, this is useful to show, by contrast, the exact meaning of the original word and will help ensure that what you are trying to convey is clear and concise.

The thesaurus is available in many forms. You can opt to purchase a hard copy from your local bookstore, or use one of the many versions available online for free. One of the most popular online thesaurus sites is thesaurus.com This site has an easy to use thesaurus as well as a dictionary, reference pages, a translator, and a long list of tools that are useful for writing, spelling, and vocabulary. The site even provides games that can help you learn new words, and their meanings.

A thesaurus truly is the ideal tool for any writer, enabling you to express your point clearly and precisely, it will make your writing easier to read, more creative and expressive, and help you to add emotion and intensity. Finding the perfect word for a particular context can change the entire content of your piece, a thesaurus makes this frustrating task simple, and is a highly recommended resource for any aspiring, or seasoned writer.


Until next time….

Write On!