Even the most talented of writers suffers from Writer’s Block from time to time. We all require inspiration to create beautiful works of art, and inspiration does not always come easily, often times you have to actually seek it out. Ideas, though plentiful at times, don’t always just pop into our heads, and as many writers will tell you, we all have days where we are left staring at a blank page for hours on end without a creative idea in sight.

Writing prompts are a good way to break through the wall that writer’s block creates and get your mind focused on writing . The great thing about using writing prompts to kickoff creativity is that you can basically choose a prompt and simply begin writing, but it is important that you see the prompt as a gateway to creativity, rather than worrying about turning it into a workable piece of writing. Prompts are designed more to help you generate your own ideas, than to actually be profitable piece you will print and sell; though this can happen, prompts are usually just a stepping stone, or a starter for further ideas to flow freely.

No matter what your style of writing, prompts can help you to get in the habit of writing, and at least produce results that will lead to more original ideas. There are literally thousands of prompts out there in many different forms. Some of the most common writing prompts include;

  • Perspective Prompts – Perspective prompts force you to think and write from a different perspective. Often times these prompts ask that you write from the point of view of an inanimate object, or from a third person’s P.O.V.(a.k.a. someone on the outside looking in) They are a great way to experiment with different forms of writing, and they require that you think outside the box.
  • Photo Prompts – These prompts provide the writer with an image that inspires you to write. Photo prompts often allow you to choose which form of writing you wish to create, but some ask that you look at the photo and write a specific style of writing, a story for example, based on what you believe in happening in the image, or whatever inspiration it provides.
  • Opinion Prompts – Opinion prompts are just that, prompts that are asking for your opinion on something. They can be an image, a word, or even a current event in the news. The writer is expected to share their opinion of the prompt in writing form. This type of prompt is effective for writers who are looking to improve their persuasive writing, and enjoy sharing their personal perspective with others.
  • Journal Writing Prompts – These prompts are usually more personal than the traditional writing prompts, and cause the author to look at themselves more deeply, or describe an event from the past. These are very useful for writers who are trying to learn more about themselves, or their writing style. Journal prompts are popular among personal bloggers and can be used for personal, or creative, growth.
  • Short Story Prompts – Usually a scene, or conversation that the writer can expand on; these prompts can be interesting because of the creative freedom they provide. Ten different writers can take the same opening line and turn it into ten very different things. These prompts are great for creativity because they can literally be taken to any level, and they extensively exercise your imagination.

These are only a few of the many different types of prompts that are available, and they vary based on the type of writing that you choose to explore. For example; one writer may take an image of a flower and turn it into a beautiful poem, where another writer might see the same photo and be inspired to write a history on the flower full of factual information. Prompts can be very specific, or very broad, it all depends on your preference or need. The most important thing to remember when you are using writing prompts is to use them in a way that makes you comfortable. If you see a prompt that asks you to write a poem using the four listed words, but you are not a poet and have no desire to be, you can either use the prompt in some other way or opt to find a different prompt. The great thing about writing prompts is that with so many to choose from the options are endless and the choice is always yours. Another benefit to using writing prompts to spark your creativity is that the more prompts you read, and use, the more ideas you will generate on your own. Prompts can be an amazing tool for any writer, and by simply reading the many different prompts that are available, you will soon find that you have created a unique list of your own, but be sure to write these inspiring ideas down when they come to you, or add them to the comments on the site you are viewing if they allow you to do so, many prompt sites are more than happy to see that they have inspired other writers, and the unique prompts or ideas you create may help another writer in need of inspiration.

The next time you find yourself at a loss for something to write simply open up Google and type in ‘writing prompts’, you will find lists of thousands of different prompts to choose from; creativity is simply a click away. Try a few on for size, and don’t be afraid to experiment. You may be surprised at how easily ideas flow once you get started, and by trying out different types of writing you may discover that you have talent in more than one area of writing. You may want to visit the Prompt tab at the top of this page to see a list of my personal prompt ideas. I will be adding more periodically so feel free to bookmark, or subscribe to this site for regular updates, and don’t hesitate to add your own as you get inspired, or even post your responses to them in the comments.

Until next time….

Write on!!!