Creative Writing PromptThink about a time you were recently in public. Describe what you were doing, from the point of view of a stranger observing you.

(From: The One Minute Writer)

The vivacious blond stormed into the room like a bat out of hell. I could feel the tension before I heard her speak, it was clear she was upset about something. Her appearance was disheveled, but her attitude was bold.   As she approached the Principals office I immediately knew that this was a mother on a mission. She had that stance that only an angry mother has, that undoubted ability to move mountains in order to protect, or defend, her offspring.

Though outwardly angry her voice held an almost eerily calm tone. She spoke softly, and expressed her concerns with a professional manner than seemed to exceed her young form. Her child, she explained, was complaining daily of being bullied on the school grounds, and she wanted to know what the school planned to do about it. She stood confident, easily exhibiting an air of intelligence, her demeanor demanded a response, a response that was quickly received with a matching level of concern.

As she spoke she made careful suggestions, you could feel the passion in her voice, she was conscientious of the words she used, and overtly aware of her tone at all times. She could tell you what to do without sounding bossy, she could be right without seeming arrogant, she could correct you with being condescending. This was a woman who was used to getting what she wanted, and she was attentive to exactly what she had to do to ensure that could be achieved.

As she left the office I couldn’t help but smile, even if she hadn’t held this level of control, you can never fight a mother who has a concern for her child.