Creative Writing Prompt #186Write for 5 minutes, or more, using the opening line “Behind her, the noise escalated…”

(From: Creative Writing Prompts)

Behind her, the noise escalated. She stepped into the shadows as to not be seen. The sound was low, like the growl of an animal, or the engine of a car off in the distance. She was, to some degree, afraid to see what was causing the sound. It was dark, and she was on her way home from work. She had worked at the local Price Mart for a few months now, and walked this route many nights before. Tonight felt different, the road seemed darker, the air seemed quieter, and the short-cut she had taken through the park was starting to feel like a big mistake. 

‘What’s wrong with you?’ She thought out loud, ‘You have walked this way a million times on even darker nights, at even later hours. There is nothing behind you, nothing lurking in the bush, and nothing that is going to jump out and grab you… Stop acting like a baby, and start walking home.”

The air was cool and crisp as she stepped out of the shadow and headed towards home. The walk was about 40 minutes and she was nearing the half-way point up ahead. She decided to curb her nerves by listening to music, popping her ear-buds into her ears, she turned on her iPod and walked in time with the beat.

She was nearing the main road when she felt the hand grasp her arm. Turing around in shock she sent her iPod crashing to the ground. The grip tightened on her wrist as the air tightened in her throat. She stood shocked, like a deer caught in the headlights, staring into the dark eyes of an old man. She tried to pull free, but the old man held tight to her.

“You shouldn’t be out walking so late,” He said in a raspy voice. “I have seen you many nights walking along this road all alone, and I fear that something awful may happen to you out here in the dark.”
Loosening his grasp he bent to retrieve her iPod. Unable to move, she reached out for her device.

“Please,” He continued, “Allow me to walk you the rest of the way home. You remind so much of my daughter when she was your age, and she was…..”
His voice trailed off as a look of sadness flashed through his eyes.

She wasn’t sure why she agreed to have him walk with her, and she couldn’t explain the comfort she felt having him near. As they walked she listened to him talk, he told her of his family, he had been married for 65 years, his wife had passed away 4 years ago and he missed her dearly everyday. They had only had one child, a daughter; Alisa was her name, and she had been the light of his life. When she was 21 years-old she had been walking along this same road  home from work late one night and had been hit by a drunk driver on a motorcycle, both had died on the scene.

He said that when he saw her walking along the first night he had thought she was his daughter, he told her that his heart had skipped a beat. He said how he could still hear his daughters laughter through the halls of his house, and how everyday he wished that he could be next to her holding her hand one more time.

When they reached her front door safely, she climbed the steps and turned to thank the old man, but there was nothing but darkness and an empty road. In the distance she could hear a sound, the rumble of a motorcycle as is faded away into the night.