Creative Writing Prompt #29Write a 500-word piece beginning with “If I had the power to change something, I would change….

(From: Creative Writing Prompts)
If I had the power to change something, I would change my life. I would be a better person, and do better things. I would spend more time with my children and enjoy the little things more. I would make sure that I was happy, so that I could help make others happy as well.

I would not worry about being selfish, instead I would do what ‘I’ needed in order to feel complete. I would put myself first and accomplish my goals, so that I could be content while serving others.

I would take more time to just relax instead of worrying about the laundry, or dishes, or the house. I would write more, sing more, and I would dance every chance I got.

I would travel and try new things. I would laugh harder, more often, I would tell more jokes, and read more books. I would help strangers, I would smile. I would ask ‘how was your day?’

Too much of my life is spent worrying about what others will think, how they will feel, and what they need. I (like many other women./mothers) put my needs aside for those of my family. I (like many others) think that once everyone else is happy it will be my turn, but my turn never comes.

If we spend our lives trying to make other people happy without first being happy ourselves, we will fight an endless battle. By finding the happiness we need first we will make others happy just by being…

If I could change something I would have stayed in school, I would have gone to college, maybe university. I would have studied harder, got more done, and chosen a different path.

Not to say that I am not content with my life. I have two amazing children, who are loving and healthy. Children who make everyday of my life worth living. I thank God for them, and I would not trade them for the world.

Nor would I trade the experiences I have had that have made me the person I am today. Some of these experiences were bad, some were hard, some broke me down, but every single one of them taught me a lesson. These lessons have been (and still are) the stepping stones I have used to reach the future. Each time I think I can’t do something I remember all the things I have already done, and I know that I can succeed at anything that I set my mind to. I wouldn’t change that.

I wouldn’t want to give anything I have up, even though I often complain that life is boring (which at times it is) I wouldn’t want any of the things I have now to go away. What I would want is ‘more’ things to enjoy and appreciate. I would want more excitement, more money, more time, more inspiration. I would have more strength, more confidence, more happiness, and more joy.

No I would not change the person I have worked hard to become, I would just improve upon her.