Creative Writing PromptsDescribe your position in your family. Label yourself, and other family members and describe these labels.

(From: Free Creative Writing Prompts – family)

I am the youngest child. My older sister was adopted long before I was born under the belief that my mother could not bear children. My sister was always the good one, and the worrier. She was a well-behaved, logical child, I think, in comparison to me, but she has always had worries and stress of some kind. She went to school, she behaved for the most part, and she never got into serious trouble. She had her moments of rebellion, but she had fear in her, fear of the consequences of her actions, but she was kind and caring and now shares her love with 5 children as a single mother. That fear she had inside her is something that I have always lacked.

I would be best described as the “wild child.” I had an outgoing personality and a headstrong attitude towards life. I was, (and still am) the one to act before thinking things through. I was smart, but I failed to apply my intelligence for lack of inspiration, true still to this day. I was bored with the education I was receiving and I gave up on trying to hide this fact once I hit high-school. I would skip school, I partied, I got into trouble,and I left home a number of times in search of some sort of adventure. I was creative and spontaneous, I longed for excitement and sought it out at every opportunity. Not much has changed with me as I’ve grown, I can still find trouble from miles away (though now I can at least see it coming) and I still act before I think. I have a rebellious outlook on life, and I procrastinate like no one else I have ever know. I have a big heart though and generally speaking, my intentions are good, but I am a bit bossy and I like to be in control, a trait I think I get in part from my mother.

My mother is the dictator of our family. She is a headstrong woman with an intelligent mind. She likes to be in control and enjoys sharing her opinion. Though she backs down too easily sometimes instead of fighting for what she believes in. Her and my father, who is the laid back member, have been married for over 35 years. They are the true story of opposites who attract. Where my mother is outspoken and opinionated, my father is a ‘keep to himself’ kind of man. He has a witty charm and friendly eyes and rarely gets angry. My mother has always taken pride in having a clean, well presented home, and shares my creativity, she utilizes it through craft projects, but also tends to procrastinate as I do, and so many of these projects get stored away in the hopes of one day finding their way to a craft booth at a local market.

Since leaving my parents home I have gained my own family. I am still the wild child of this pack, but my rebellious nature has settled in a different sense. My boyfriend is the grump of our group. He is a chronic worrier who allows stress to rule his world. He finds it hard to let go of little things, and he is a stricter parent then I. Though he can sometimes over-react his intentions are always for the best, and he simply strives to create a happy environment with well-rounded children. My son, who is 7 is the dreamer of our little clan. He inherited my wild imagination and uses it in everything he does. He can create an entire world inside his mind and play for hours there. He also gained my love for writing and has become a very creative little boy. He is though a tad bit spoiled from years of just ‘mommy and me.’ and has a hard time following directions as he always has his head in the clouds. We have to constantly remind him of the simplest rules lately, and he is an overly sensitive child, so often times getting in a small amount of trouble feels like the end of the world to him. It is hard sometimes to watch him create this devastation over nothing in his mind, and still hold my ground for the punishment… but I think he knows that, and so I do my best to follow through.

Lastly there is my daughter, who is almost 1-year-old. She has the face of an angel, but is sneaky like a fox. Already I can see her intelligence, and amazing personality. She is funny and outgoing, and she is constantly watching the world around her. She is the joker of our group, always putting a smile on our faces, even at the worst of times.

My family is often times kooky, we have our moments and most certainly our faults. We disagree much of the time, and we can fight like champions. But we share love, caring and understanding for one another. We support each other, even when we dislike the choices that have been made. We are strong and happy as a family and that is all that really matters to me.