Creative Writing Prompt #93Write a News article using this headline “Lightening bolt zaps turkey – AND COOKS IT TO A GOLDEN BROWN!

(From: Creative Writing Prompts)

Make Believe Press Ltd.

February 21, 2011


Shut -off the oven and put away the roasting pan, there is a new fad replacing the way we cook turkeys this holiday season.

Gone are the days of using the oven, and even the recent deep-fryer fad is quickly fading away. The newest craze in cooking is called Lightening Crisp. Inspired by a tragedy; during a recent Alabama storm John Tom’s prize winning turkey was struck by a bolt of lightening and cooked to a crisp golden brown.

“At first I was upset,” John Tom told reporters, “I have had Timmy the turkey for ten years, but these things happen and life must go on. Besides,” He added, “he was a big fella and he made a great meal. That lightening dog gone cooked him to perfection faster than the microwave!”

This new trend is taking the turkey world by storm, literally. Aspiring “lightening chefs” are tying turkeys to trees all over the country. Marley Madison, a newly hired ‘Lightening Chef’ at the College of Culinary Arts in Los Angeles, California knows all about this new trend, “It is imperative that people take classes before they attempt this form of food preparation, it can be dangerous, and proper technique is important for success. Our school offers basic ‘Lightening Cooking’ classes at an affordable price, with locations in all 50 United States.”

So, save yourself the stress this holiday season and let mother Nature do the work for you. Lightening Cooking Kits are now available at all major department stores including Walmart, and provide you with everything you need (sans turkey) to quickly cook the perfect meal!