Creative Writing Prompt #6 Use a cliche as the first line in a poem

(From: Creative Writing Prompts)

“If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all”, He said in a huff as he stormed down the hall.
The first sign of trouble came around eight, when he awoke with a startle and got to work late.
The next indication of issues caused him much stress, with his boss at his desk not looking impressed.
He was asking for files that couldn’t be found, as they were laying in a puddle outside on the ground.
His computer was crooked, his mind was a wreck, the bank was irate due to him bouncing a cheque.
By noon he was ready to call it a day, when a pile of papers got handed his way.
Working through lunch was causing a tizzy, but the afternoon was looking equally busy.
He spilt his hot coffee all over his lap, and finally decided that would be that.
He cancelled his meetings and tried to act ill, but no one would buy it, so he remained still.
By evening his eyes were ready to blow, he finally stood up and got ready to go.
As he shut down the office and got in the car, to drive himself home, he didn’t get far.
The tire had suddenly blown and came loose, the spare in the trunk accompanied no noose.
Finally arriving home in the night, at the door was his wife ready to fight.
“Ten years of marriage here on this date, and what do I get but a husband who’s late”
Her mascara was running and with tears in her eyes, all he could do was stand in surprise.
He held for her no present, no words and no card, he’d forgotten the day from working so hard.
She had sat in the restaurant for an hour alone, before finally leaving and waiting at home.
He looked past her anger and into the back, to find that her bags were tidily packed.
She left with no words and a door so hard shut, he just stood there in silence and finally gave up.